Magna Carta Wines Emakhaya Merlot 2019

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Mphumi Ndlangisa's wines are special. He is one the few Zulu winemakers that exists in South Africa, and his approach to his winemaking has always been in the 'natural' vein. Low intervention, organic fruit, with very little (if any) additives.

This is Mphumi's ode to Beaujolais or Gamay. So forget what you think or know about Merlot. This undergoes carbonic maceration, a technique which produces light, fragrant and fruit driven wines. As per usual with the Magna Carta wines, this cuvée is unfiltered and unfined, so expect a bit of cloudiness when the wine hits your glass. This is all about the bright, red, zippy fruit, and the little touch of green steminess that adds a great spice to the wine.